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Her Captain

Mack H Fox (Owner & Captain) is a native of San Angelo, Tx. and has been around boats and boating since age 6. Mack's father, Ronnie H Fox, worked for San Angelo Die Casting; a local builder of boat trailers for Newman Boats of Miami, Ok. His entire childhood, Mack's father always made sure the Fox family had a boat to enjoy on the various lakes of West Texas. Mack's mother, Doris Marie Fox, was an avid water skier and instilled in Mack and his younger brother Calvin Deck, a love of water sports very early on. However, it wasn't until his mid 30's that Mack was finally able to acquire a boat of his own.

Mack's first boat was a 30 ft. fantail steam launch which he christened the Doris Marie, named in honor of his mother. The Doris Marie's fiberglass hull was originally designed and manufactured by Edwin A. Link. Mr. Link was a pioneer in aviation, underwater archaeology, and submersibles. He is best known for inventing the flight simulator, commercialized in 1929, called the "Blue Box" or "Link Trainer". The Doris Marie had a Vertical Fire Tube boiler (VFT) and a 12 hp, 2 cylinder reciprocating steam engine; circa 1910. Mack operated her on the waters of Lake Michigan while living in Chicago for 2 years. Due to financial and career changes, Mack was forced to sell her in 1997. For the next 17 years, Mack explored and improved his skills as a sailor on Lake Michigan, spent a short time as as a Yacht Broker in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., and later returned to West Texas to enjoy the pleasures of inland lake boating.

Since becoming aware of and enamored with the Tule Princess and what she represents in marine technology and history, Mack never dared to think he would have an opportunity to care for and operate her himself. Through God's grace and with the help of dear friends and family, Mack was finally able to purchase her and realize a long held dream on June 26, 2014.